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View the latest post Doomlord Kazzak zerged and Honor Hold captured

With yesterdays SSC raid canceled it was time to have some fun on Doomlord Kazzak, after getting our raid together, a few try's and some griefing by a few funny alliance Kazzak bite the dust.


[Gold-Leaf Wildboots]

[item]Ancient Spellclo [...]

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View the latest post Hydross unstabilized

1, 2

After spending a few days learning the boss, a couple of more potting, flasking and farming, it was finaly time to PoHwn Hydross and get revenge for the 1% try we had Tuesday. The loot could have been better but we got the 2nd kill of the server :)



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View the latest post Magtheridon banished for good.

After some evenings trying to kill Magtheridon and spending a few pots and flasks on him.It was really time we killed him and we did 8)


[Eredar Wand of Obliteration] Naglfar

[Glaive of the Pit] Tinos

[item]Chestguard of the F [...]

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View the latest post Gruul dead, doctors claim it was a nerf attack


loot was:
[Dragonspine Trophy] to Tubbs
[Teeth of Gruul] to Rizza
[Warbringer Legguards] to Tinos

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View the latest post Nightbane Down - Karazhan Cleared

After a little practice and a few wipes we thought it about time to stop playing with the firey dragon and put him to sleep


Loot was:

[Shield of Impenetrable Darkness] to Tinos

[Chestguard of the Conniver] to Aavery

Next up: [...]

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