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View the latest post Maulgar down too?

Our first 25 man raid day and after a few tries at the pull the fight quickly showed some progress which ended in Maulgar falling over and spilling his pockets


Loot was:

[Malefic Mask of the Shadows] to Daemorax

[item]Warbringer Should [...]

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View the latest post Netherspite dead, horde first!

After some fine tuning, and a few wipes we managed to kill netherspite yesterday.


Loot was:

[Mantle of Abrahmis] to Tinos.

[Jewel of Infinite Possibilities] to Deccy

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View the latest post Prince Malchezaar Down!

In order to celebrate our new forums we thought we should put an end to the Prince's reign:


Loot was:

[Warbringer Greathelm] to Tinos.

[The Decapitator] to Tubbs.

[Farstrider Wildercloak] to Aavery

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View the latest post PoH Site Relaunch

1, 2

Welcome to the new redesigned Prophecy of Hellscream site!

We have worked in secret, sweating away in Stevo's basement to bring you this new site and we hope you like the new features.

We now have News and a Raid Progress form, all of which can be [...]

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